Retired Old Men Eating OUT

Team ROMEO (Formerly Weekday Riders)

This Is Team ROMEO's YouTube Video Page.

Steve Hallam's YouTube of Tom's Trains

More Of Tom's Trains

Vickie's YouTube Walt's Rememberance

Romeo's Remember Walt Stow Ohio Aug 4, 2014 by Susan Colville-Hall

Vickie & Alan's Annual Opel Car Meet July 26, 2014 by Susan Colville-Hall

Walt's Birthday Party 2014

Breakfast 2014 at Anthony's

Walt's Birthday Party 2013

Short Clip @ Old Woman's

Lunch Group In Mich ?

Lunch some where?

Lunch Some Where Brugy?

Breakfast at Anthony's Sat.

Breakfast at Anthony's w/Music

Breakfast at Anthony's again

ABC Team Romeo lunch Oberlin July 2008

Anthony's Breakfast July 2009 our very own MasterBaster

If you have a video I can post it for you, or if you have a Team ROMEO video let me know the address!


























Rides do not start at the Botzum Trail Head in the valley any more unless specified.
                               Weekly Schedule
For the winter months we will be meeting at Fishers on Rt303 in the valley for lunch the First and Third Tuesday at 11:30!

Monday 1:30PM ride starts at the Barlow Trail Head.  Unless changed by a group email the destination is  Brugger's Bagel Bakery.  Bruegger's Bagel Bakery is located at the corner of Fishcreek Road and Ohio Rte. 91 and return.  MAP   [We have been doing this short ride for 10+ years. 
It's time to consider a different location and maybe a longer regular ride for Mondays]  {Any suggestions?}

Tuesday a is lunch ride day.  Mike will send an email by Sunday 11PM    If there is to be a ride for Tuesday. 
 If Mike has not chosen a ride you are encouraged to suggest a ride with a map and you will be will be the ride leader for that lunch ride.
{And be responsible to call it off if it's going to rain}

Wednesday  You are free to suggest a ride!  Send an email, it would be best to send this email on Monday more people will see it.

Thursday 1:30PM ride starts at the Barlow Trail Head.  The group that shows up will chose a destination and ride length.  

Friday  You are free to suggest a ride!  Send an email, it would be best to send this email on Wednesday  more people will see it.

Saturday    Ride starts after breakfast.   "On TAP"on the Stow Kent border, just West of Fishcreek 4390 RT 59.    All are welcome, many bring there spouse or friend.  Arrival time is (9:15-9:30AM, with departure about 10:30AM.     MAP   

Sunday no scheduled ride You are free to suggest a ride!  Send an email