Retired Old Men Eating OUT

Team ROMEO (Formerly Weekday Riders)

Neil Adams
Member since 2012

Bill Barry
Member since 2009

Jim Birt
Memeber since 2009


Brad Bolton
Member since 2009

Eric Blum
 I have ridden with the ROMEO’s over the last 3 years but now am officially retired.

Bill Brannon
Member since 2009

Kathleen Brennan
Member since 2009

Jim Brothers
Member since 2009
Grew up in East Sparta/Kent
Retired Kent Police
Longest ride San Diego to St Augustine to Waterboro SC

Nathan Brothers
Member since 2015

Marty Cooperman

Don Darkow
Member since 2009

Vickie Gage
Member since 2010

Bill Grove
Always been a Cuyahoga Falls and Stow resident. In the early fifties I

was given my first two wheel bike. A Huffy Convertible equipped with
rear training wheels and peddle blocks. It was bigger and heavier than
I could handle. Eventually I grew into this bike and used it for my
main mode of personal transportation until the early 60's when I felt
it was becoming uncool to be seen on a bike. In 1980, I was at a
garage sale and on an impulse, I purchased one used BCA 10 speed for
20 dollars. It was then I realized what I had been missing for 20
years. I have incorporated some level of cycling into my life ever

Susan Colville-Hall
Member since 2009
Dragon Boat Paddler and World Traveler

Steve Hall
Member since 2009


Will Hively
Member Since July 2016
Grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, now lives in Canaan NH Retired copy editor and feature writer Avid cyclist since the 70's My favorite rides these dayas ae the most scenic and quiet back road of NH,VT, and southern Quebec Province I return to Cuyahoga Falls 4 times a year (Parents still live here) 

Jeff Hughes
Member since  2010

Ken Johnson
Member since  2010
Though it has been a few years since riding a ROMEO ride, moved to Northern Kentucky in August 2012, the connection to this group is important to us... for both myself and new wife Binnie.  We wear our ROMEO & JULIET Jerseys often as we did when completing Binnie's first Century in July 2016 while riding our tandem.  ROMEOs do it right!

Harry Kelleher
Member since 2009

Ron Koehnle
Member since  2011

Bill Kolosi
Member since  2009

Ed Krimmer
Member since  2009

Ralph Lowery

Russ Marx
Retired Teacher

Bob Mast
Member since 2014
Lakewood/Stow Retired Actuary Consultant

Bill McLure
I have lived in Hudson since 1984 and am originally from New Castle, PA.  I graduated from Lafayette College in 1964 with a BS/E-EDITION.   I had a career in testing, designing, and managing the design of computer hardware for the military, business, and industry in New York State, Minnesota, Canada, New Jersey, and Cleveland (Allen-Bradley/Rockwell).    I owned a sign shop in downtown Cleveland from 1997 to 2007.   I am a widower and have two grown daughters and two granddaughters, none of which are local, and have been married to my wonderful wife, Anna, since 2011.

Pat Mahieu
Member since  2019
I have been a cyclist since the early 70's.  I have done innumerable organized ride all over Ohio, TOSROV's 13 times many GOBA's, Bike Rallies. Ridden the coast of California, a crossed Wisconsin, Hill country in Texas camping.  Former treasurer of ABC and on the board several years.  My longest ride was 126 miles in one day.  Most mileage in a year 4,000.  Teaching 40 years at all levels including at OSU and Kent. Took up golf and put bike on the back burner.  Hope to find time to ride with the ROMEO's more.

Mike Mele
Member since  2009

Bob Mosteller
Member since 2009

Curt Neal (Gator)
Member since 2014

I was in the Air Force for 27+ years, where I flew F-4 Phantoms, in the 1st infantry Division Air Liaison Officer, and served as the Deputy Commandant of the forward air controller school house at the Nellis AFB, NV.  Following a tour at NATO headquarters and stint in Key West Fl 2004.  I continue to work part time for the Air Force and RAND Corporation.  My wife and I have our home in Las Vegas, but spend our summers in Ohio so she can be near her sister.

Bob Radl
Member since  2009

Rosalind Robertson

I'm a retired pediatrician living in Hudson with my husband, Bill, and our dog, Baxter, (our only child left at home.) We have 8 kids and 18 grandchildren between us, and we travel a lot, so my participation in anything is a bit sporadic.I love bicycling and have done many GOBA's, (I'm registered for 2018,) one TOSRV, and a couple of other State rides. I've restored a couple of 1896 and 1898 bicycles which I ride with The Wheelmen

Mike Schwinn
Member since  2013

David Schultz
Member since  2013

Stan Sever
Member since 2009
Born in Barberton, Graduated from Hoban HS and John Carroll U
Taught for 38 years at Walsh Jesuit HS
Live in Medina and work as the Associated Editor at Northstar Pub. 
Wife Barbara childern Tim & Meghan 5 grandchildren 1 great grandchild
Longest ride 75 riding the Great Allegheny Passage

Pat Smith
Member since  2009

Gary Stonum
Member since 2012 
Silent Member been on only one Team ride, not counting all the time we cross paths at Anthony's California/Bath
Retired CWRU English Professor
Longest ride TOSRV 

Dan Strong
Member since  2009

Born and raised in Flint Michigan
Graduated from Albrion College in'68
Retired from Alstate Insurance after 35 years
I work part time at Kamper City (4 hrs Sundays)
We spend winters in Venice Florida at Ramblers Rest RV Resort
I attend Stow United Methodist Church
I enjoy playing the guitar and harmonica
I love to attend live music, especially the Blues
I have been bicycling as an adult since 1986
We live in Stow, with wife Emmy and son, Brian
Emmy and I enjoy riding our Burley Tandem
Beside biking, our favorite hobby is camping in our travel trailer

Emmy Strong
Member since  2009

Hillary Sullivan
Member since  2013

Jim Wagnitz (Captain Jim)

Member since 2005 or so when I suggested the ROMEO name from a group in Tucson, AZ who were open heart surgery survivors who met for lunch weekly.  None of them were cyclists.  I also lunch with Real Old Men Eating Out in the Catawba Island area.
I have been on many tours including the Lewis and Clark trail 2003-2006. I organized that tour.  
I am a charter captain taking up to six passengers on sailboat rides and do handyman work as Captain Fix it  in the Marblehead area.  As a result, my riding time is limited.
I was an Industrial Arts teacher in Cuyahoga Falls before retiring in 2000 then cycled across the USA, twice.


Christian Warren

Neal Willey
Member since  2010

 Jim Williams
Member since 209

Terry Williamson
Member since 2009
Macedonia/Solon Retired Field Substation Electrical Engineer Longest ride Quebec City, Quebec My COPD & AF limit my cycling not my will power
Ride power assist cycles.


Harry Young   
Member since  2009

Dave Ziuggler



All weekday rides except lunch rides start at Botzum Trail Head.

MONDAY: The weekly ride to Brugger's Bagel Bakery from the Botzum Trailhead in the CVNP to the Barlow Trail head and up the Bike & Hike Trail to Bruegger's Bagel Bakery at the corner of Fishcreek Road and Ohio Rte. 91 and return.  MAP

TUESDAY: The weekly lunch ride information sent over the internet to  members.  Usually rrides usually start at 10AM from many different locations.   {Rain Date is Thursday}

WEDNESDAY:   Round trip to Macedonia, Sagamore Hills, Hudson, Wadsworth, Norton, or elsewhere from the Botzum trail head and return by different route.   Group chooses destination.  Rides do not always go via the Barlow Trail Head.

THURSDAY: Same as Wednesday  Or Rain Date for Tuesdays Lunch Ride see email.

FRIDAY: Same as Wednesday

SATURDAY.  We come from four directions by truck, bicycle, auto, and foot to  Little City Grille 802 N. Mantua St. (Rt 43)  Kent on every Saturday.  Arrival time at Anthony's is 9:30AM, with departure at 10:30AM.
Our group has been coming to Kent for breakfast since the 1980's.  Everyone is welcome at any Saturday breakfast.  Wives are welcome.   MAP


SUNDAY: No scheduled rides---

Most rides from Botzum start at 12:30PM

The Botzum Trail head is 0.3 miles south of the intersection of Riverview Road and Bath Road in the CVNP. Usually these rides are 30-35 miles in length, but there are always exceptions. The trail head is expansive, there is plenty of parking, I have never seen this lot full.  MAP



Rides do not start at the Botzum Trail Head in the valley any more unless specified.
                               Weekly Schedule

Monday 1:30PM ride starts at the Barlow Trail Head.  Unless changed by a group email the destination is  Brugger's Bagel Bakery.  Bruegger's Bagel Bakery is located at the corner of Fishcreek Road and Ohio Rte. 91 and return.  MAP   [We have been doing this short ride for 10+ years. 
It's time to consider a different location and maybe a longer regular ride for Mondays]  {Any suggestions?}

Tuesday is our lunch ride day  Wives welcome!

Wednesday  You are free to suggest a ride!  Send an email, it would be best to send this email on Monday more people will see it.

Thursday 1:30PM ride starts at the Barlow Trail Head.  The group that shows up will chose a destination and ride length.  

Friday  You are free to suggest a ride!  Send an email, it would be best to send this email on Wednesday  more people will see it.

Saturday    Ride starts after breakfast.   "On TAP"on the Stow Kent border, just West of Fishcreek 4390 RT 59.    All are welcome, many bring there spouse or friend.  Arrival time is (9:15-9:30AM, with departure about 10:30AM.     MAP   

Sunday no scheduled ride You are free to suggest a ride!  Send an email