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MY Latest project!

New for 2019 New Dash with Drok battery percent voltage and temperature in C, twist grip throttle, easy remove battery, rear brake stop switch, MiniFaring to cover Electronics from rain, ramp to get in my PU Truck..
Had to replace Cell #1 (10 cells) that shorted when I was using the battery on my Sun Trike experiment!
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New for 2018 Removed Fairing, moved battery to top tube, added emergency stop P/B on handle bars, and Front Brake (Emergency Stop)!


  Electric Engine Trike Winter! 2018-2019

Converting my Sun EZ3r to a mid engine electric cycle.  The rear engine worked good, but it was not good on big hills. 
6/6/19 I gave up today it isn't possible.  There just isn't enough room behind the Front Fork for all the parts.


This modification only can be done on this older EZ3r.  A split axel is used.  I needed to get a special 19mm  reversed threaded adaptor so the backwords freewheel will work.  Work in progress! 3/15/18 ready for road trials.
Finished with only minor modifications on 5/5/18.

Electric Recumbent

(This was my 4th attempt to build an electric bike)

Battery consists of (70) 18650 Lithium Cells 26 Volts/26AH

Click on small picture to see the full photo!

Some minor problems with the chain and battery charger, resolved 3/20/17.  Out for 16 mile ride up some big hills 3/29/17 operational!  Road 42 miles with 416KWH used 3/16/17 club ride, could have made 100 miles at that rate.

Control Panel has volts and amps watts and KWH, only problem the sun light makes it hard to read the meters.





Since I tore my rotator cuff in my right shoulder I can't ride my regular recumbent for a while.  The handle bars are to high.  So I modified my old home made 2  wheel (Ryan) recumbent.  I used that old recumbent and the 2 wheels and disc brakes off my old Giant hybrid bike and made a Trike.  I drive the left wheel only.  Power assist  1 HP Honda 8,000 RPM motor.   Rear wheels are set at 6 degree and 1 degree tow-in.

                                       As we grow older we can't always do the things we love to do.  In my case it is bicycling.  For the last 35+ years I have bicycled more than 1000 miles a year.  A few years ago I developed COPD & AF Atrial Fibrillation, a heart condition that limits my cycling.  I can cycle, on level ground with little problems; on a hill my heart rate jumps up to more than 180 BPM, a dangerous condition.  Until this problem I never walked a hill, I might have had to rest a couple times going up, but I could always make it to the top.  Over the years I have cycled from my home to such faraway places as Quebec City, Williamsburg Virginia, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Skyline Drive, and many many  others.    Many times riding more than 100 miles a day.  I think my heart went in AF on a hill in Vermont in 2003.

Winter of 2010 I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and figure out a way to fix this problem.  I decided to develop a bicycle with power assist, for hills. 






Note: training wheels my wife wanted me to put on, but I hit a bad spot in the road and it tipped me over on my side into traffic .!

After crashing my Giant Cross Bike on March 26th 2012 I started working on a Front Wheel Drive 1HP Honda gear and chain drive system for the front of my Ryan look a like recumbent.  Road tests started April 9th 2012. Road test finished 5/12/12 and I rode 200 miles on it from Saint Louis Mo. north on RT 66.  I have had to make a few modifications.  2014 I wore out the clutch, and had to replace it as well as replacing the drive gear.  I ven tried training wheels, but I hit the ground near a curb and was thrown in to traffic

The Friction Drive worked good on this bike, but as with all Friction Drive bicycles you can't turn it on until you get the cycle moving a couple miles and hour.  If you don't you can burn through a tire, and tube.
So I mounted the Motor on the fork and added a reduction gear and chain, to drive the 20" front wheel.


From a pile of parts and tubes (4130 Tubing) I designed and built a motorized recumbent cycle.   The bike was designed around drawings of a RYAN recumbent.  (Captain Jim's)  But I made it with Friction Drive assist.



This allowed me to ride my 1,000 miles that year.  Many miles with Team ROMEO.  

For 2011 I started on a front wheel drive system, electric and gas, but I had major troubles.  So I gave up till next year, and developed an upright cycle (Giant Cross Bike) with the same type motor.  These cycles allow me to cycle up hills out of the Cuyahoga Valley at 15+ miles an hour, depending on how much I help by pedaling.  They are powered by a 1 HP Honda 8,000 RPM motor.  A friction drive roller moves the rear wheel at speeds up to 25MPH.   I can start and engage or disengage the friction roller and motor while on the move.  
I have all the parts needed to do this to your bike for sale, email me if your interested.  Motor and all.                      

 I was able to continue to ride with my cycling club Team ROMEO, Retired Old Men Eating Out, and stay up with the group

For 2012 I was trying to develop an Electric Front Wheel Drive Recumbent.  The major problems were with the battery weight and the programmable controller card.  That card went back for repair, and I gave up.



One of my projects was an electric bugger to push my EZ recumbent.  Road test in late November 2013.  The bugger was successful but it didn't work, it keep pushing the bike side ways.

An other project I have is an electric scooters for my wife to use in stores.  Check out TheIdeaShoppe/Scooter/index.html   This scooter uses a Razor electric scooter for children.  I added a big seat, changed the gear ratio to a slower speed.  Then I added a programmable speed control, with a thumb switch for controlling the speed.  I added an modification to allow the scooter to go backwards in the winter 2016.



For the winter of 2015 I worked on an other electric bike modification to assist me up the hills.  But, that project didn't work out well.   The motor was mounted forward of the big chain ring and used a modified big chain ring and second chain.   I scrapped that idea.  Major reason was I had to pedal at the speed the motor want to go.






For winter of 2016 I modified my 2 wheel recumbent  (Ryan)  recumbent.  It had a 1 HP Honda power assist motor.  Problem as very heavy to the Right where the motor was mounted.  It didn't have enough power to get me up the Highland Road hill, coming out of the valley.  So I changed the main gear 100 tooth to a 140 tooth, and moved the motor closer to center.  But I was not able to ride the modified bike.  I kept falling.  The balance, and steering had changed!  I hurt my left elbow, so I gave up.

Recumbent I made may years ago.

I did not like, with short wheelbase this is not as stable as the Ryan Design.


    My first recumbent I built was an Infinity Look a like recumbent.  That recumbent gave me a lot of problems, the seat never worked out right, tried 3 different ones, and the steering kept coming loose.  But I did ride it a couple thousand of miles anyway.

     This is a fairing I modified in the 80's on and Infinity Recumbent.

Questions?  I have answers!

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