Tery's Scooter
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My Razor scooter modification for my wife.

Latest 2019 Model #6 [Wheels moved to rear, welded to frame, and added Lithium Batteries.]

Model #5 [Mid Wheels that are removable so it could fit in our Pickup Truck]
[Welded the free wheel and added a reversing switch]
[Better Cheaper Programmable Controller]
[This Picture in Noah's Ark in Kentucky]

Model #4 [Foldable side wheels to fit in PU Truck]
[Oldest Daughter]

Model #3 [Better Programmable Controller and better side wheels.]

[Model #3B I had to add 3/16" aluminum under the plywood triangle floor]

Model #2  [Added triangle floor still poor quality mid wheels]

Model #1 First Try [Poor quality mid wheels]
[Poor quality programmable controller.]


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