My Car Wash


My all weather car wash.  Usable any time the temperture is above 32 Degrees.

Van going thru car wash.

Truck finished.

Not all the spray, many on bottom, a few all over, whole car covered.  Hot and Cold water 100# pressure.

When drive was reworked I smashed a 1/2" black pipe in to fresh asphalt
so the 1/2" copper pipe would be below the tires as vehicle drove over it.
Copper tubing has holes every few inches made with the smallest drill I could find.

Shut of when changing vehicles, or when soaping up between trips.

Drain            Ball Valve shut off
Without his the car wash will freeze every time the temperature goes down below freezing.
Car wash is made from 1/2 Copper Tubing with 2 pieces of conduit driven in to the ground. 
The conduit is to give support to the end.
The end by the house is fastened to the house.