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Model 300SMD

Build your own Handicapped Mobility Rehab Scooter.
Free Detailed Plans
With these plans you can build your own Mobility Scooter.
The Scooter when finished weights about 55#, it can go a couple of miles depending on the weight of the rider.
I do not recomend that this scooter be used for some one who's weight is over 250#.
It can go as slow as you need to go in a store, or up to 8 MPH, or 12 MPH without the modifications to the drive system
With a modification to the free wheel you can go forward and backwords.
Good for rehab while recovering from surgery
Ride to store, across the campground, or through the Nursing Home
Many detailed Color Pictures Referenced from the detailed plans.
Complete Bill Of Material with Hyperlinks to sources for the parts.
See the Scooter you could build being used in a Nursing Home, and Shopping in a store.
I built one for a Pastor at my church to get aound.
Scooter is good for transportation for any age: at a campground, or store, even in a factory.

Here are 2 [OLD] YouTube videos of the scooter in use:   &

The first two video have my wife on the prototype scooter at Marc's. 

Scooter/Sequence 01.mpg

Scooter/Sequence 02.mpg

The last video is the delivery of a scooter.  My wife is riding her scooter behind me.  These are older models!  See for my progress in building scooters.

Scooter/Sequence 05

Build your own scooter 

Bill of Materials

Procedure  New

The owners manual click here

Schematic JPG

Schematic PDF

See my wifes scooter's progress over 5 years.

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